The Potential of Textual Content

Textual content, a form of intellectual property, is an asset that can be accumulated with a pen, regardless of whether one has the financial resources to do so or not.

Assets (profit-generating things) are not only money or things that can be bought with money. Education, knowledge, and other information stored in our brains can be used to create something of value and lead to profit.

However, just as there is know-how in the management of money, the development and management of intellectual property requires similar skills. At Reieido Research Institute, we focus on textual content and how to create value using knowledge as a source and link it to profits. We will continue to research technologies to create a new Intellectual vein as a prescription for a resource-poor society.

Information Transmission

We will provide information about pharmacists and related studies from Japan.


Research information about the Japanese pharmacist industry to support client decision making.

Article Writing

We will be prepare article to contribute to the client's PR, branding, and organizational operations.

News & Information