■ An article covering Keio University's Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences has been released_2023.7.11

 This month, We are pleased to announce that an article written by Koseki who is a representative of our Institute has been published on the Keio Jyukusei Newspaper has released an article by Koseki introducing Keio University's Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences! And I was able to interview three professors representing the School of Pharmacy.

 It has been 17 years since the six-year pharmacy school system began in 2006, and the Model Core Curriculum for Pharmaceutical Education Japan has been revised repeatedly. This time, I would like to introduce some of their efforts. (July issue, page 8, upper right)


■ How to obtain the paper version(Keio Jyukusei Newspaper)



※But, the URL shown here is for the print version, which can be obtained for a fee. When the ONLINE version, which can be viewed for free, is released in the future, I will let you know!


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