Our Mission

What is Reimeido Research Institute ?

  Reimeido Research Institute is a private research institute established by Certified Specialist Association of Intellectual Property Management (Japan) based on the Reimeido Books ®︎, a project launched in 2018. We will research the attractiveness and potential of textual content as intellectual property as well as operational methods, etc., and implement initiatives to bring vitality to contemporary society from Japan in areas such as the branding.

To promote research on the development of methods that reward corporate efforts.

  In today's society, where efforts invested do not always lead directly to results, it is becoming more important to try to visualize the efforts, costs, and achievements of each organization. Reimodo Research Institute conducts research focusing on the creation and operation of textual content, one of the intellectual properties, with the aim of developing methods to better reward the efforts and efforts of organizations.

Our Beliefs_The potential of textual content for the future.

  Humans have long invented and used letters and languages in their daily lives. These letters have developed as indispensable tools for human development, such as Egyptian hieroglyphs, which are the origin of the alphabet (more than 5,000 years ago), cuneiform inscriptions on Mesopotamian clay tablet, and Chinese characters derived from the oracle bone script of the ancient Chinese civilization and still used in the modern world. 

  In addition, textual content is not only a communication tool, but has also played many roles in literature, which conveys information to future generations and the general public, and in public relations and marketing, which inspire people to change their perceptions and behavior. Textual content is not only a means of conveying information, but also has the potential to lead to solutions to the projects and issues facing society. This is our belief at Reimeido Research Institute.


Institute Profile

Institute Name

Reimeido Research Institute


Yusuke Koseki

Project Established

May 20, 2019

Address / Yokohama Laboratory


3F Mutsumi building 2-10-28 Kitasaiwai Nishi-ward, Yokohama-city, Kanagawa-prefecture, Japan


Proprietor's Profile

  Pharmacist, 2nd Grade Certified Specialist of Intellectual Property Management, PR Writer

  Graduated from Yokohama University of Pharmacy, Department of Clinical Pharmacy. Currently a student at Keio University, Faculty of Law. Born in Kanagawa, Japan. While working as a pharmacist in a pharmacy, he also provides support for organizational revitalization, focusing on article writing and editing techniques, utilizing his own career as a public relations manager. Public Relations Committee Member, Yokohama Pharmaceutical Association; Vice-Chairman, Public Relations Committee, Certified Specialist Association of Intellectual Property Management; Reporter, Keio Jyukusei Shinbun (University News Paper) ; Risk Manager, Sakae-ward, Kanagawa Pharmaceutical Association.

Main Areas of Activity

  He specializes in pharmacy pharmacy and public health. In addition to his knowledge of medicines and the Japanese pharmacy and healthcare industry cultivated as a pharmacy pharmacist, he also utilizes the knowledge gained at the College of Law to work as a risk manager for Sakae Ward in Yokohama City, a position that requires collaboration with local government. 

  Furthermore, he is also a school pharmacist, utilizing his knowledge of public health, and gives lectures on hygiene management at school facilities and drug abuse prevention classes.

Article Writing

  Having worked as a public relations officer for a local pharmacists' association since 2015, he has strengths in internal public relations, which seeks to unify the organization and improve its governance, as well as in community public relations for local citizens. 

  He is particularly focused on creating textual content, and has recently been active as a reporter for the Keio Juku sei Shinbun (University News Paper) and other publications, in addition to his editorial work for the Yokohama Pharmaceutical Association newsletter.